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                Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Sweet Reaper 2.5x Ultra Hot Crisps | 40g bag
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Sweet Reaper 2.5x Ultra Hot Crisps | 40g bag

2.5x Ultra Hot! 

Our Sweet Reaper Crisps were created by Pops after people on Twitter demanded even more heat!  Pops set to work combining only 4 simple ingredients, including the hottest chilli in the world - THE CAROLINA REAPER

Does this mean, these are "The Hottest Crisps In The World" by default?  Who knows!  All we know is they are HOT and balanced with exquisite taste!

Please Note:  Following the success of the 2.5x "Accidentally Super Hot" batch we produced.  All Sweet Reaper Crisps will now be 2.5x Hot as standard!  Be warned - these crisps are ultra fiery.  

WARNING:  Please take care when eating these crisps - we do not take any responsibility for allergic reactions or other symptoms of your body reacting to eating too many of these crisps or eating them too fast.  If needed, please seek medical advise to see if this type of chilli is suitable for you before eating them due to the intense chilli heat. Remember, these crisps are made with the hottest chilli in the world. 

All our crisps are 100% Vegan, using natural ingredients and made in the UK. 

Ingredients (allergens in bold)

Potatoes, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Carolina ReaperCastor Sugar, Citric Acid


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Reaper by name Reaper by nature

    Ok, I'm not new to super hot foods. I have eaten loads of super hot dishes over the years and grow my own chilli pods. However these Crisps are just pure EVIL in a bag! . All I can say is instant heat that then builds and builds. You get that reaper burn in your mouth and throat, That doesn't go away, It lingers with a constant searing burning heat. Hiccups and profuse sweating then ensues. About 40 mins later things calm down. I have tried all the so called hot crisps but these are next level. Great flavor and a must for any super hots fan. Just go easy as they are as just as they say and it isn't a marketing ploy. These are the king of super hot crisps

    Fear The Reaper

    I bought 2 packs of these super hot reaper crisps and they definitely live up to the name. Sometimes when you buy products labeled as super hot they often disappoint - not these. They are full of flavour and super heat. I will definitely buy them again.

    Bit spicy these

    I thought I’d give myself a challenge and go for the whole bag !! I’d ate a hot Vindaloo and Phaal in the last few days, but these kicked my arse !!! I managed to eat the full bag, but don’t know at what cost yet !!! 😂😂 Great crisps !!

    Oh wow - a wolf in sheeps clothing !!

    They look so innocent - that initial sweet taste is divine, but then the wolf reveals itself and wow these things are hot !!

    I'm pacing myself, dipping in and out of the bag taking one of two at a time, and then enjoying one of the other flavours...

    Love them