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Fab Four Chilli Crisp Bundle | 40g

Mr Singh's Review

This is our Fab Four!  In this awesome bundle, you will enjoy the following

  • Chilli, Lemon and Cracked Salt
  • Spicy Tandoori Chicken
  • Chilli, Cheese and Onion
  • Sweet Reaper x2.5 Heat


All our crisps are 100% Vegan, using natural ingredients and are made in the UK.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 46 reviews
    peter stork
    Best crisps ever

    Get your crisps from Mr Singhs the aroma of the crisps is just the start to the taste that explodes in your mouth and you will not put down till the bag is empty

    Really appreciate the review Peter, thank you

    Nick Gillott
    Fab four - certainly fab, certainly four and definitely memorable

    Yes, I submitted to the click bait on Facebook of the advert of the 2 guys tasting. It is very funny and maybe real. The 3 "normal ones" are lovely and different to run of the mill flavours, well done. The sweet reaper was of course why I bought them - after all, how hot can you make a crisp? The answer is that these things are between vindaloo and phaal hot. They are 15 minutes of fire in the mouth per crisp hot. You need to experience these crisps to appreciate that it is possible that a crisp so small can do this.

    We're glad you saw the video Ricky and Dan did for us. The timer in the video and reaction after was brilliant to watch! Love your description Nick. How hot can you make a crisp? Extremely!

    Dean Finn

    Nice crisps the 3 mixed oned get a good spicey kick. Reapers to hot.🥵😂

    The Sweet Reaper is definitely too hot! Thank you Dean for your review

    Paul Young
    Burny Mouth Snacks

    The 3 mixed bags of chilli crisps were absolutely fantastic, the sweet chilli reaper bag never kept the crisps that crisp, air was leaking into it and made them slightly soft, I would have gave 5 stars if they bag was better sealed.

    Oh that's a shame, thank you for letting us know Paul. Thank you for your review

    Russ Jones
    Quality product

    Really enjoyed all the flavours. Had to use cream cheese with the hot ones to calm the burn. My only downside is the cost of the Sweet Reaper crisps. If they were say £2.50 a pack I might buy them again otherwise I'll stick to the excellent other flavours. Thank you Mr Singh and your family.

    Thank you for your feedback Russ. We would love to sell the Sweet Reaper for a lower price but the Carolina Reaper powder is very expensive to buy! We appreciate your review and we're happy you enjoyed the crisps.