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Our Story - Starting from a Shed

Popa Singh (Pops) had always been the cook of the family - curious and with a love for Chilli. 

The summer of 1985 was continuous weekend BBQ's with his entire family, food, fun, music and laughter.  Pops had a vision of the future, his family working and enjoying life together.

Having tried all the chilli sauce's on the market, Pops was not satisfied.  So, he set about creating his own!  After rummaging through the kitchen, a lot of trial and error (and constant apologies to his wife for making such a mess), his original chilli sauce recipe was born - EVERYONE loved it.

...Then in 2008, Mr Singh's was born.  From a shed to the world!

How Mr Singhs started from a shed in East London


One day Pop's returned home and he was soaking wet from the rain, clutching a blue plastic bag with a few bottles inside.
When asked what he had been doing, he replied "I have been out trying to sell my sauce...".  He had been knocked back by every shop he had been to and looked sad.
A few days later, one of his sons saw an advert for the BBC Good Food Show in Kensington Olympia, London.  On a whim, he booked a stand at the show with £900 on his credit card and came home to tell the family.

"Guys, we have 9 days to make 1000 bottles of Pop's chilli sauce so I can pay off my credit card..."

Thankfully everyone said yes and for the following 9 days the family learned how to make Pop's sauce and with the bottles still boiling hot on the first day of the show, they made it happen!
The show had barely been open a few minutes before the first sale took place, pretty soon their were queues of people waiting to buy and by the end of the show on a Sunday, the family had sold out.
Within a few days and purely by accident, Mr Singh's was born!
Pictures of how we used to make sauce at home
Picking chillis to make Mr Singhs Chilli Sauce
blending chillies to make sauce
labelling chilli sauce bottles
Pops with pallets of chilli sauce
Then we started to grow
After more and more shows, eventually Mr Singhs was picked up by the media, even appearing on a BBC 1 TV show called High Street Dreams with Jo Malone.  Eventually, Mr Singh's Sauce was stocked by Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Ocado and was even exported to Sweden, South Africa, America, Africa and France.
The family started to get popular on social media too, gaining over 100,000 followers and created funny music videos which were watched by millions. 
Below is one of the most iconic - The Fresh Prince of Chilli Sauce (a spoof of Will Smith's Fresh Prince of Bel Air).
In order to maintain quality, today the original Mr Singhs Sauce is made in small, limited batches to ensure it stays true to Pops' original recipe.
In 2018, the family made a move to making chilli crisps to recreate some of the stunning flavours Pops had enjoyed growing up in Kenya.
Today, with 3 flavours of crisps sold all over the UK, the Mr Singhs family story continues with the purpose of bringing people together with food and spreading happiness.
The Mr Singhs Family
The Mr Singhs Family