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Sweet Reaper 2.5x Ultra Hot Crisps | 40g bag

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    Hand-made by Mr Singh himself

    Made in small batches with the hottest chilli in the world

    Premium quality ingredients 


    "Wowee! These things are hot, and not just hot, but hot hot" - Dudley, website review

    2.5x Ultra Hot! 

    Our Sweet Reaper Crisps were created by Pops after people on Twitter demanded even more heat!  Pops set to work combining only 4 simple ingredients, including the hottest chilli in the world - THE CAROLINA REAPER


    Does this mean, these are "The Hottest Crisps In The World" by default?  Who knows!  All we know is they are HOT and balanced with exquisite taste!


    Please Note:  Following the success of the 2.5x "Accidentally Super Hot" batch we produced.  All Sweet Reaper Crisps will now be 2.5x Hot as standard!  Be warned - these crisps are ultra fiery.  


    WARNING:  Please take care when eating these crisps - we do not take any responsibility for allergic reactions or other symptoms of your body reacting to eating too many of these crisps or eating them too fast.  If needed, please seek medical advice to see if this type of chilli is suitable for you before eating them due to the intense chilli heat. Remember, these crisps are made with the hottest chilli in the world. 


    All our crisps are 100% Vegan, using natural ingredients and are hand-made in the UK. 


    Each order = 1 tree planted to help save the planet for future generations

    Ingredients (allergens in bold)

    Potatoes, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Carolina ReaperCastor Sugar, Citric Acid


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 57 reviews
    Pepper X

    those look really nice. in two minds of getting some.
    will you be doing a hotter pepper X version ?

    as we all know pepper x is twice as hot as a reaper

    Extremely hot!

    Just over a year ago a few of us tried a pack.

    Honestly, the crisps were like they had gone stale. In a jiffy bag, bit strange. You can get a plastic bag sealing tool for £10 on amazon. Basic, but would keep them fresh & crispy. Only reason I've not got these since. And the 3 instead of a 4 or 5.

    Anyways... As stated, silly hot. I ate quite a bit from the pack. Now I like chillis, eat scotch bonnet etc raw no sweat. This was something else.

    I was literally rolling in agony. Boxers hanging round my ankles as I was shouting to the wife for milk. I can only guess the powder is equivelant to more than one reaper chilli. I recommend though. 😆

    The taste, very good until the heat kicks in. Which is what got me!

    Definately worth a try, just don't overdo it.

    Hopefully yours aren't in the jiffy bag and stale.

    Margaret Shearin

    The crisps themselves were great and we had a game of who could eat the most without drinking water but the only problem was the price with delivery nearly £8 for a bag of crisps

    Astonishingly Hot...!!

    These are as described - crisps flavoured with intensely hot Reaper chilli and they are *incredibly* hot. As a fan of all things super spicy I could not resist trying these, and even I was shocked... eating just one crisp left my mouth on fire for eight minutes. Brilliant...!!

    Mario Moreno
    Hot! 😊

    Fantastic quality product!